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ShipRiteTM Updates

UPDATE V 10.17.3 is now available:  (Nov 14, 2017)

To download the update instructions and list of issues that are fixed


For FRANCHISE locations, please contact your HQ.   Any location with special rates, fill in a support ticket.


HOT FIX FOR SR. v 10.17.3   (Nov 18, 2017)  (FOR ALL USERS)

If you have already performed the 17.3 update ON OR AFTER Nov 18, 2017, then it is NOT NECESSARY to run this HOT FIX.   It is included in the above update.   IF you performed the Update to 17.3 BEFORE Nov 18, 2017, then you WILL need to perform this HOT FIX.     To download the instructions for HOT FIX 17.3, <<<<CLICK HERE>>>>